International Winter Bike to Work Day

Have fun riding year round. And come ride with us again in 2016.

View the Amazing Map. See why people love riding bicycles in the winter.

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How it Works

Commit to ride. Put a snowflake on the world map. Watch it grow.


Its a friendly competition, but there are no rules.

Your “events” are up to you. High fives on a bike path is OK. Depending on where you live, the 2015 event saw free coffee, cinammon buns, bonfires, dancing bicycle fairies, marching penguins, baconmobiles, portraits, party rides, international diplomatic incidents, homemade buttons, advanced kidnapping technology, free pancakes, powerful politicians spreading the word, and more. You can get all kinds of ideas here.

Next year…something even more special….


…the teens and the kids are invited to take part in Winter Bike to School Day. Different name. Same score. Numbers will count towards your community. That will change EVERYTHING. So be ready.

Have fun out there. :)

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