[NEW this year] Look for announcements containing the hashtags #wbtwd. . .

Want to set up an event near you? It’s as easy as making coffee and sharing.
When you have a plan, send a tweet. Use the hashtag: #wbtwd. We’ll watch for it. Hint: if your city has one, use the airport code too (i.e. #yyc) to make it easier for locals to connect…or just mention where it is located. Once as we can, we’ll add your community to the list under “count me in“.
Easy event ideas:

  • free coffee on a bike route (pit stop)
  • group ride
  • lunch and learn workshop
  • politician bike lane tour
  • wood + barrel + hot chocolate?

If you have a few things going on and have a website, you can share a link, of course. Either way, we will keep tabs on the stuff happening in each city and help connect people. That’s it!
Not on twitter? Send an email with some details here. Put “event” in the subject line. We’ll try and help.