International Winter Bike to Work Day –  COVID19 Edition

Step 1. Commit to ride.

Step 2. Share the joy.

Step 3. Volunteer to help map loops, if you want.

Sign up to help map on the weekend of February 6-7!  Your mission will be to connect popular dots and create routes in a community you know well. Each loop should be between 3km and 5km. They can’t overlap. Including scenic routes and good paths is encouraged.

Step 4. Check the map the final week to pick a loop AND THEN…


Ride with the world on Friday, February 12!


The city with the most loops and riders “wins”. 

Winter Bike to Work Day has always been about connecting, while being far apart. This year,  every neighbourhood counts. Even if we wanted to gather, many places can’t do that because of you-know-what. But riding a bicycle is good for you. So let’s ride together, even if we can’t be. Riding a loop means making the most of every corner of a city. It means you might stand a better chance of passing someone you know while you are out there. Explore your neighbourhood. Find somewhere new on your way to work. You can ride a whole loop as an excuse to stretch after a long day working at home or include part of one into your regular commute. Heck, you can take the day off and ride all the loops in your city if you want. Its up to you. Just be seen. Tell others why you love it. Have fun.

As usual, the score doesn’t really matter and the rules are made up. The only rules that do count are the public health ones, of course. Be sure to follow the ones in place near you. 

Most importantly, take this chance to share your love for riding a bicycle with as many people as you can. Share your love for winter. 
Be kind and encouraging to others. If you’re city makes things hard, use this as an excuse to talk about solutions. Make it one more reason to fix things for good.

 Just remember, more people on bicycles is good for everyone and people need bicycles more than ever.

Show the world they can ride too.