Start by choosing one landmark/destination/location you would like a loop to visit. 

Add a place to the map. It might be your home. It might somewhere special you’re proud of.  It might be your workplace. These days, it might be your workplace which is also your home*, sigh. Try to a place near where you are right now. Before the big day, volunteer mappers will be creating loops on the main map, connecting some of dots around you. This will show some some neat ways to get around your community. More popular dots are more likely to end up right on a loop. You only get one vote! If you want a loop to pass by little dot on the map, you’ll just have to tell lots of colleagues and neighbours.

You can ride a whole loop, or just part of one on your way to work. Its up to you. 

The main goal is to share our love of biking in winter, and ride “together”, even if you have nowhere to go this year. 


Enter an address:

* The website team haven’t left this basement for weeks. If you are reading this, please send a razor. And maybe a fresh vegetable. See why we’re doing things this way this year?
*If you are from one of the 2 countires that does not yet use the metric system, 2km is approximately 6.4 fathoms. Give or take a cubit. We’re not sure.  🧊