HOW IT WORKS: The crowd-sourced gift exchange is entirely optional. Offer a prize to encourage others. Learn about far away places. And get a prize too! If you sign up, you will receive the address of one random participant somewhere in the world and a little public info about them (ie. A Twitter or Instagram account) so you can spy on them and try and guess what they might like. Your info will be sent to someone else. It works entirely on the honour system. There is no guarantee you will get a gift (or that you will send yours...) of course, but humans are quite nice and most will. Your gift need not be expensive or complicated. We recommend something light (easy to ship) and local (something unique to where you live). Here are just some ideas: a small artwork by a local artist, a framed photo of your best bike path, a scarf you knitted yourself, your best recipe, etc.. It can be anything! If you sign up early and it arrives by Winter Bike to Work Day, great! You have a couple weeks to think of something and send it.

Tell your friends! 🎁