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Kids count too!

Survey a Class

How it Works:

Go to BikeWalkRoll.org. Create your school. Then do a 30 second survey of your class’ transportation mode choices. Each student that answers “Bike!” contributes +1 to their city’s total score! Becuase they’re kids, they get more than one try and a chance to improve all month. The largest cumulative single day total at your school is what matters. Day off that Friday? Don’t worry. Any survey between now and the big day counts.

About: BikeWalkRoll was developed by Green Action Centre, a Canadian non-profit. It was developed to help schools around the world quickly and easily compare their transportation habits from day to day, year to year, school to school, country to country. We use it for this event because it helps the world compare rare data on children’s mobility and the many kids who bike all winter to school get to show the adults how its done!