Winnie Awards for Winter Cycling Excellence

The Winnie Awards are inspired by you. Originally launched to coincide with the 5th anniversary of international Winter Bike to Work Day, the Winnies aim to recognize great ideas and accomplishments that have moved cycling and other forms of year-round sustainable transportation forward in cooler cities.

See the 2017 Winners!

You may nominate someone,  nominate yourself, a project or an organization. We reserve the right to add categories, and you may feel free to suggest one of your own. Nominees may be individuals, organizations, cities or schools.

Some examples of reasons to nominate someone or something:

Winter Maintenance Practices
Infrastructure Design and Engineering
Art and Graphic Design
Policy and Planning
Political Leadership
Universal Design and Accessibility

Announcement. Awards will be chosen by a jury including board members of the Winter Cycling Federation and international guest jurors. The winners will be announced the final day of the 6th annual Winter Cycling Congress 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

Support the awards.
 Do you want to help us do something special for the award winners? If you/your company shares Winter Bike to Work Day’s vision and would like to help us offer meaningful prizes, write us an email introducing yourself and your offer of assistance.